—- –, —-

June 26, 2015

What’s past is prologue. You don’t need to brush up on “The Tempest” to know that and ——‘ —– ——– quarterfinal clash between ——— and ——– is chock-full not just of prologue, but symmetry too.

——–‘s 90-minute onslaught failed to give them the goal they deserved as normal time ended in a stalemate.

—— BLASTS IT TWO GOALS HIGH! What a miss! Still 3-3, ——– have the advantage….

“Sálvanos, ——.”

He did not look confident at all and shoots wide. Sudden death!

“La fé y la suerte y Dios está con nosotros.”

No-one wants this! Straight onto the crossbar.

This is incredible. ——— are just looking every gift horse in the mouth.


How…seriously how? A tremendous miss, scooped in comedic fashion over the bar.

Can ——— finish it now?

No messing from —–.

No disputing that ——— thoroughly deserved that against a hugely underwhelming ——–.

“¿Vieron el desahogo de los ———? Estuvieron sufriendo todo el partido.”


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