An echo—Love bade me welcome.

A choice—“A guest?” I asked. “Yes, as you are on earth”.

A warning— An everyday sort of figure, battling the banal.

A fact—Most people don’t give a damn what you do. This is the freest country around, make it if you can, if you can’t, die gracefully.

A warning—Immigrants and openness have constituted threat more than possibility.

A choice—“You’ve come; you’ve seen; now stay”.

A fact—America is a vast conspiracy to make you happy.

A warning—But the nation is dyspeptic. The glass is always half-empty.

A choice—“What of the risk?” “Our lives are that from birth”.

A warning—Continue reading the main story. Continue reading the main story. Advertisement.

An echo—You must sit down, says Love, and taste my meat:

A warning—History can play cruel tricks.

An echo—So I did sit and eat.


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