The Ghost—Look at me—I’m only happy when I’m angry, when I’m sad, when I can play the fool, when I can be what people want me to be, rather than be myself.

The Sophist—El estado no es un buen empresario.

The Historian—At the same time, he took seriously his responsibilities as a form-giving artist, starting with a careful script (however improvised in appearance).

The Sophist—También hay empresas privadas que no funcionan.

The Historian—Mr. Sophistication belongs to that tribe Dostoy­evsky called “the insulted and the injured.”

The Sophist—El riesgo que corre la empresa privada se justifica con la ganancia.

The Historian—The story obeys the step-by-step fatalism of an unfolding nightmare, whereby small mistakes and temptations lead to deeper consequences.

The Ghost—I own this joint. Everything takes work; we’ll straighten it out.


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